Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Terry! (A Love Song for Terry Gross)

Scusa, scusa! We apologize for the radio silence! Myself and Anastasia have been hard at work on our first EP. Of course we have also been hard at work at yachting across the world, and riding motor bikes while drinking wine and smoking cigarettes. Anastasia spends her days dreaming about beautiful things. In the meantime though, we were asked by the wonderful people at Million Puppet March to write a song in support of American public media. Both myself and Anastasia are huge fans of Fresh Air with Terry Gross. So it was really a no brainer how to proceed. So please donate to this wonderful cause, buy the song, spread our love for Terry Gross and support American public media because it is a wonderful you have in this country!

Love, Love, Love


Terry! (A Love Song for Terry Gross)

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